Sherteme wird zu Elyah

Sherteme becomes Elyah

It's time for Sherteme to start a new chapter. From now on we will be called ELYAH.

More than just a name, Elyah is a promise that stands for progress, innovation and trust.

Founded in 2006 by Marc Scherrer and his mother Dr. med. Annalis Scherrer-Koch, dermatologist FMH, the company name stood for a tradition even then (Sherteme is made up of the family name Scherrer and TEam and MEdizin). We are now continuing this tradition - Elyah is inspired by the next generation of the family, which carries the philosophy of the brand into the future.

We remain a boutique cosmetics brand - small and mighty. We will continue our passion for high-quality Swiss-made products at affordable prices. Our products remain unchanged, you can order more of your favorite products in the usual high quality. However, we are pleased that a new product will soon be added to our range - you can be curious.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for placing their trust in us over the past 17 years. Your loyalty is the basis of our success and motivation to continue giving our best.